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Single Family Rentals Insights Q3 Live Event: Unlocking Economic Data & Renter Preferences

10:00AM – 7:00PM EDT | 9:00AM – 6:00PM EDT | 1:00PM – 4:00PM EDT | Dinner following each evening

You’re cordially invited to listen and Q/A at our exclusive live event at the Boca Raton Beach Club  – “Single Family Rentals Q3 Insights: Unlocking Economic Data & Renter Preferences.” Join us for an enlightening session featuring Chief Economist, Chris DeAngelo, Senior Population Scientist, Grant Oliver and Chief Operating Officer, Colin Brechbill

During this dynamic event, you’ll gain valuable insights on the state of the economy and rental growth, timely updates on market factors, such as the renewal of student loan debt payments, and key findings from the unreleased 2024 Consumer Housing Trends Report, shedding light on today’s renters. Save the date and secure your spot for this informative event happening from August 11th to 13th. See you there!

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Cision Capital Announces Acquisition of US Home Aggregation, Expanding Portfolio in Single-Family Rental Real Estate Market

FORT MYERS, FL / ACCESSWIRE / June 15, 2023 / Cision Capital, a leading private equity firm specializing in strategic real estate investments, is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of US Home Aggregation, a prominent player in the single-family rental real estate industry. This acquisition represents a significant milestone for both organizations and further strengthens Cision Capital’s position in the single-family rental real estate market.

Cision Capital
Cision Capital
Single-Family Rentals

US Home Aggregation is a renowned company for its innovative approach to aggregating residential properties for rental investment purposes. Through its proprietary technology platform and extensive network, US Home Aggregation has successfully identified, acquired, and managed residential assets across the United States. With this acquisition, Cision Capital gains access to US Home Aggregation’s robust portfolio and expertise, enabling them to enhance their presence in the single-family rental real estate sector.

By combining Cision Capital’s strategic vision and investment acumen with US Home Aggregation’s industry knowledge and capabilities, the acquisition aims to unlock new opportunities and drive growth for both organizations. The collaboration will further leverage US Home Aggregation’s existing relationships with property owners, developers, and institutional partners, providing Cision Capital with a unique advantage in sourcing attractive investment opportunities.

“We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of US Home Aggregation,” said Colin Brechbill, CEO of Cision Capital. “This strategic move aligns perfectly with our long-term vision of expanding our presence in the single-family rental real estate market. US Home Aggregation’s track record of success, coupled with their cutting-edge technology platform, positions us well to capitalize on the growing demand for residential rental real estate investments.”

Cision Capital is renowned for its expertise in identifying and partnering with exceptional companies across various sectors. This acquisition represents a continuation of their commitment to identifying strategic opportunities that create long-term value for investors. With an unwavering focus on driving growth and maximizing returns, Cision Capital is well-positioned to leverage US Home Aggregation’s assets and drive significant value for stakeholders.

Moving forward, Cision Capital and US Home Aggregation will work collaboratively to integrate their operations, streamline processes, and leverage their combined expertise. The acquisition is expected to bring synergies that will enhance the organizations’ capabilities, allowing them to capture market opportunities more effectively and deliver strong results.

About Cision Capital:

Cision Capital is a leading private equity firm specializing in strategic real estate investments across various real estate industry verticals. With a proven track record of identifying and partnering with exceptional companies, Cision Capital aims to generate superior returns for its investors by driving growth, implementing operational improvements, and executing value-creating strategies.

About US Home Aggregation:

US Home Aggregation is a prominent player in the single-family rental real estate industry, specializing in aggregating residential rental properties for investment purposes. Leveraging its proprietary technology platform and vast network, US Home Aggregation identifies and acquires residential rental assets across the United States, providing attractive investment opportunities for its partners.

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Heather Lane
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SOURCE: Cision Capital